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Are all cacti sensitive?

No, not all cacti are sensitive. In fact, cacti have adapted to survive in some of the harshest desert environments, which generally receive plentiful sun and very little water. They have evolved thick, waxy outer layers that help protect them from the sunÔÇÖs rays, and store moisture for long periods of time. Furthermore, some cacti varieties have spines that act as additional protection from predators. While some cacti may require more precise care than others, many cacti are surprisingly hardy and require minimal care.

Can cacti survive without soil?

Cacti and other succulent plants can survive without soil as long as they get their necessary daily needs of water, light, and air. They typically require little water and when potted, will do well in an alternative medium such as gravel, rocks, or sand. With proper care, cacti can live without soil for an extended period of time. Keeping with their natural environment, these types of plants thrive by absorbing much of their nutrient requirements directly from the air and light.

Could cacti adapt to different climates?

Yes, cacti can adapt to different climates. They have evolved many different features that help them to thrive in extreme conditions. Cacti are succulents, meaning they store more water than most other plants, allowing them to survive in hotter, drier areas. They can also grow in shade and in a wide range of soil types. Many cacti have deep root systems that allow them to access and store water deep underground. Cacti are also able to slow down the rate of photosynthesis during periods of drought or cool weather, allowing them to survive in climates beyond those they evolved in.

Is a cactus a succulent?

Yes, a cactus is a succulent. A succulent is any plant that stores water in its leaves, stems, or roots, and a cactus is one type of succulent plant. Cacti are found in very dry and hot climates, and store water in their stems and leaves in order to survive such climates. Cacti have become popular in home gardens and as houseplants due to their low-maintenance care requirements and the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and flower colors available.

Should cacti be watered frequently?

No, cacti should not be watered frequently. Their succulent nature, which stores water, makes them very sensitive to overwatering. If a cactus is watered too frequently, it can cause root rot and other issues which can damage, or even kill the plant. Therefore, cacti should only be watered when the soil is completely dryÔÇötypically once every two to four weeks. It is also important to make sure that the soil is well-draining, to help the plant absorb water without getting overwatered.